S- Series

alignG-S, is a cost-effective and compact sensor with a Digital/Analog communication port allowing for integration into any project. alignG-S has a modular design. It comes with the base unit (alignG-S) and some external modules (Such as: Development Board, USB Module, Bluetooth, …) that attach to the base unit like the pieces of Lego. AlignG-S alone is useful for 3D-printer and CNC manufacturers, developers, and entrepreneurs. But, alignG-S in combination with one of the external modules can be used by anybody who needs a precision instrument to keep their 3D printer or CNC aligned.

Precision & Accuracy

External Modules

alignG-S has two measurement modes working simultaneously, Proximity Mode and Distance Measurement Mode:

(1) alignG-S as a proximity sensor:
Pin#4 of alignG-S is always 0 (0V) until the sensor is positioned in 5mm proximity of an object; then, pin #4 of alignG-S becomes 1 (3.3V). alignG as a proximity sensor has a precision of 2.5 micron (0.0001”)

(2) alignG-S as a distance measurement sensor:
The sensor measures the distance from the object and shows the result in its Analog pin (pin #7), serial output pin (pin #6), and PWM pin (pin #8). alignG-S as a distance sensor has a precision of 25 micron (0.001”) and accuracy of 50 micron (0.002”)

Video: The Proof of Precision of alignG as a Proximity Sensor

Video: The Proof of Accuracy and Precision of alignG as a Distance Sensor

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Start Guide

Image: alignG-S

  1. alignG-S
    External modules, compatible with alignG-S, are designed to simplify the application of alignG
  2. 3D Printer Adapter
    3D Printer Adapter
    This module provides 3 (VCC, GND, and Signal) pins to simply connect alignG-S as a proximity sensor to 3D printers’ mainboard working in a wide range of voltage from 4V to 12V. Simply attach the module to the base unit like the pieces of Lego. The active low output of the module, switches between provided VCC and GND. The module provides a Totem-Pole Output, no need for external pull-up resistors!
  3. Development Board
    Development Board
    This module allows to connect alignG-S to a computer via USB port. This serial to USB converter, powers the alignG-S via USB port and also provides a 6-pin header to integrate alignG-S into Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Breadboard Projects, etc. The pin header includes: VCC, GND, Analog Output, PWM Output, Serial Output, and Proximity Output.

F- Series

alignG-F, recommended to machinists and professional 3D printer users, is a professionally designed instrument with aluminum body, rechargeable battery, display, and high speed measurement mode. alignG-F is advanced by Doppler technology allowing for rapid measurement of distance. The instrument can even measure the cross-section area of a rotating part. alignG-F works independent from any external device such as computers, tablets, or cell phones; it shows the results on its OLED display. alignG-F can be used for distance measurement, alignment, backlash calculation, monitoring the run-out of the rotating parts, and many other applications.
We will publish more info about alignG-F in the soon future